Someone on twitter recently wrote

Who cares if Kim Jong-un gets a nuke? Nukes don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people.

… see how BLEEP stupid that sounds? #GunControl

After thinking about it a moment I realized that yes, it did sound stupid. But not for the reason the Tweeter thinks. His tweet actually emphasizes the opposite point. It is the PERSON, Kim Jong-Un, that is the problem. He’s insane. He shouldn’t be allowed nukes. Now the US, Israel, or other sane democracies? I’m okay with them having nukes because they use them as a deterrent.

The good guys have them so the bad guys won’t use them. So the weapons are dangerous, yes. They have to be. But they only become a problem in the wrong hands.

So let’s transfer this to guns in America. You might say, “Well, the right people to have guns are the police. The government is there to protect us.”

One problem is that the same people saying that are the ones who say the police are corrupt and that Trump is too stupid or evil to be able to lead the country.

So in that train of thought, we are putting the only weapons into the hands of those we don’t trust and who are in the process of oppressing us.

Which gets us back to the reason behind the second amendment. I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t for hunting purposes. It’s because the founding fathers were all about checks and balances. Deterrents from extremism. They didn’t want to get into another situation like England where the people were oppressed with little to no recourse.

So we have a government in place that isn’t made to have a monopoly on guns. Does that come with caveats? Yep. It isn’t perfect. Nothing is. Because we humans aren’t. That’s why we believe in balance and responsibility. That’s why we depend on law abiding citizens like the usher at that church recently who held a shooter at gunpoint until police arrived.

Be careful about what freedoms you’re willing to give up. Protection, speech, income … Because those are the ones that will surely be taken away.


One thought on “The Gun Problem

  1. People talk about assault weapons bans. Any gun could be used in an assault, so why not either ban them all or mandate that everyone have them, with the exception of people with mental illnesses or violent criminal history?

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