You can find a whole host of personality tests out there. Some silly, like which Disney princess you would be. Others are a little more involved and give you a combination of letters that label you in a similar way that an astrological sign might. “Oh, you’re a Leo?” Someone said to me once, then began staring suspiciously. “I never would have guessed.” Or “Oh you’re an IFSP? I would have pegged you as an IFGQ for sure. But that’s just like an SP to come across as a GQ, right?”

To which I smile and nod with true SP subtlety.

Not that I know what any of these things mean. But it feels good to be labeled and generalized according to letter codes and star shapes. It gives one a sense of confidence to have your uniqueness reduced to one of five love languages.

There are thousands of personality tests because there are thousands of miniscule differences to personality. That’s what makes everyone unique. But its also what makes us confusing. So to add to that confusion I give you the following:

There’s another aspect to personality that doesn’t seem to be talked about as much as some others. We discuss how people “charge” and say that introverts charge by being alone and extroverts charge by being with others. But what about the other end of things? How do we USE that energy? It’s more complicated than just “likes to be with people” versus “likes to hide in caves.” What do we put our energies into? Are you a slow burn or a quick explosion? Do you like to use your charge on yourself or others? In small groups or large? I am an introvert. Buy if I’m fully charged, I enjoy spending all that energy at once with large crowds. Even being the center of attention if there is the need for one. So I keep my energy in eco mode until one of these opportunities arise. Then bam, I let it out.

So lets call this the Benjamin’s Battery Test of Personalities. I wanted to call it Benjamin’s Battery Battery (BBB) but the Better Business Bureau beat me to it.

Answer the following important questions.

1. How do you charge? Do you feed off people like a piranha (P) or do you hide yourself away from the world like a rock badger (RB), living off abundant fat storage?
2. Next, how do you store the energy? Do you store it nervously like an oft beaten hunting dog (OBHD) raring to show his stuff? Otherwise you may keep your energy on ice like a slumbering manta (SM) ray at the bottom of the sea, ready for action only if some stupid kid comes snorkeling and messes with you.
3. How do you expend that energy? Like a cheetah (C) on the hunt, bursting forth but tiring quickly? Or more like the komodo dragon (KD), taking your time, infecting a target with your poisonous teeth and then waiting to see how it goes before trying another bite?
4. Finally, how well do you expend your energy? Awkwardly like a T-Rex (T) doing pushups? Or as smoothly as a Michael Jackson (MJ) doing the moonwalk?

Personally, I’m an RBSMCT and proud of it. But if anyone can think of another aspect involving cooler animals I would probably be those too.


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