In many ways society has come full circle. But in its newest variants, I am forced to wonder whether we have entered a Bizarro alternate universe.

First consider the doomsayers of the twentieth century. Old ragged men in New York City sporting cardboard clothing and housing flea colonies. In a raspy voice they proclaim the end of the world is coming. These characters were considered comical, written off as loony right-wing religious nuts. Contrast that with today and consider the new face in end of the world extremism. Clean cut, left-wing pseudoscientists along with Igore-like henchmen (also known as celebrities) proclaim the impending doom of mankind brought about by global warming. We are all going to die unless we repent of our carbon emissions and plant ten thousand priuses in recycled coffee grounds. It’s all just as ridiculous as the crazy-eyed old codgers. But this time it’s the norm. It’s like millions of those old guys laughing at the few sane people left.

Now let’s think back to segregation. To separate water fountains and schools. To blatant inequality based on skin color. Blood, sweat and tears were poured into change, so that color could not stop you from achieving. Fast forward to college campuses today where a previously segregated shade of people are now demanding that other color groups protest inequality in separate areas. Where instead of blending and uniting, minorities are calling for their own spaces free of white-skinned people. It is only a matter of time before they decide they want their own water fountains.

Now lets think about Ronald Reagan. He was a fighter and a great president. He did what needed to be done. Yet he started out as an actor. Many made fun of him for speaking too simplistically. Many said he would never get enough votes to be president. Yet he did and in many ways he accomplished more than many other presidents before him. Fast forward to Donald Trump. Another who is labeled as stupid and unable to win an election. Another outsider from the establishment in Washington. Only this time around we have someone who doesn’t state things simply. He states outrageous things braggadociosly. He reminds me of the character from Napoleon Dynamite who said “I bet you I could throw this football over that mountain!” He makes over the top statements to get air time then slowly brings it down a few notches. He is Ronald on crack. Or perhaps, Ronald cracked. And he may be the best option for president we have in this ….

Bizzaro world!


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