Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol opens by saying that Old Marley was dead as a doornail. And that nothing wonderful would come of the story unless that was first known. Well for my devotion tonight you must remember that God in all His glory has never been seen at any time. The wonder of this message depends on our understanding of that.

So what’s so glorious about this God? Is He really too great for our eyes to handle? Well He’s the one who speaks and atoms come into being, organized exactly as they need to be for all of them to coexist. He is the creator of light itself, which is the means by which His good and beautiful creation can be clearly seen. He is the origin story of the universe or multiverse or whatever. He is greater than our terrestrial minds can fathom. Darth Vader once said “Never underestimate the dark side.” Well the dark side’s got nothing on God and His light. We cannot help but underestimate his power. Look at every vision in the Bible about the throne room of God. You can tell by the descriptions that the prophets have no clue of what they are seeing. Their brains can’t cope with it and their bodies keel over like they’re dead.

But even so we long to comprehend it. We long to be in the light as he is in the light. Moses said to God “Show me your glory!” He wanted to be know who God is in a real, tangible way! When I first was getting to know my wife I lived in Florida and she lived in Virginia. Emails had been exchanged through her siblings and mother. As we corresponded I started to realize I was falling in love with her. But I needed more! I needed to see her! My friend and I scoured the internet looking for pictures. But I needed more than that. I longed to be with her and see her in real time. To hold her.

This is where things get even more amazing in our story. Because God provided a way … the only way … we could be close to Him and truly, intimately know Him. Jesus, enthroned in splendors unimaginable, Creator and sustainer of all things, was funneled into a human baby. Stop and think about that. I’m reminds of a line the genie says in Disney’s Aladdin. “Phenomenal cosmic powers … Ity bity living space.” Its unthinkable. But its true. Through Jesus the glorious light of God can actually be witnessed. John says he touched and handled the Word of Life. Seeing Jesus was seeing the Father, human edition. Think of Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent. It is mild mannered Clark with those unassuming glasses who is able to build relationships with the humans around him. And it is through a relationship with Jesus, the Son of Man, that a relationship with the Creator was possible. And through him, an enlightenment of truth and the concept of grace.

He bottled up all that glory so we can identify with him and he with us. His glory can now be revealed in a way that won’t kill us instantly. But our story doesn’t stop there. It gets even more wonderful. Because this galactically impressive power, through the work of the Holy Spirit, can now be inside us. The greatest intimacy with the Creator God, made possible by the coming of Jesus, is now within those who believe on Him.

Do you get the implications here? Do we recognize and live like we have the eternal power of the most high God burning hot inside us? That’s better that Darth Vader and Superman put together … inside us. That glorious light has the potential to shine through. We just have to let it. Matthew says “let your light shine before men that they might see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven.” Just let it. Just turn yourself off and get transparent, baby. Let Him do the rest.

But there’s one more place to follow the light. That is to the end. Revelation 22:4-5 says that in the end, when all evil is dealt with, those who are God’s will see His face. There will be no need for a sun because God will be their light.


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