You cross this line and you are Hitler to me.

That pretty much sums up the picture of American worldviews colliding. Doesn’t matter if its politics, religion, or the style of your hair. If you cross my line for what is right and decent I’m going to inevitably revert to a Hitler comparison. For instance “That haircut is as bad as Hitler’s!” or “Driving your gas guzzling car is as bad as Hitler’s gas chambers.”

Do not doubt me. Someone will find a way to compare you to Hitler if they are enraged enough by what you are doing or saying.

So why do we do this? I think pur view of what is wrong with the world is based on the lines of presumed righteousness we draw in the sand.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC, believes a baby can be aborted at any time the mother doesn’t feel like being a mother. Line drawn … Sort of. Others would say abortions can’t be performed after the second trimester. Line drawn. Yet others say you should not inhibit even the flow of seed to egg. Line drawn.

In scripture some would say things can be interpreted loosely up to the creation of Adam, but then, baby, you better tow the line and know that Adam was a real actual person or you’re not a Bible believing Christian. Line drawn.

Everyone has a reason for drawing the line where they do. Everyone has a motive. Everyone uses some sort of Evidence. Kill, but only in war. Speed, but only if the cop doesn’t see you. Vote third party, but only if the nominee is Donald Trump.

Many times the rules are based on emotional responses. “I couldn’t believe in a God who could allow so much suffering.” Many times the rules are arbitrary. “I could never love an octopus with less than seven arms, but I would cherish a dog with only one leg.” Awww. Little brudder! (Obscure Homestarrunner reference)

What you end up with is a wide sea of sand crisscrossed every which way imaginable. Hard to follow. Hard to keep because they are constantly being erased and redrawn or smudged. No wonder most people end up saying “I’ll do what I want, you believe what you want, just don’t talk about it or make me feel bad and I will relegate all my negative energy to snarky memes.” I call this the Law of the Meme.

But there’s something deeper we have to get to. Literally and figuratively. Otherwise the world doesn’t make sense. If there is no deeper logic … No firmer truth … then the world fails to be more than an abstract art, interpreted based on “how it makes you feel.”

That’s why you have to blow away the sand. Yep, that’s right. All that sand is just the transient cover atop something far more solid. You thought you were looking at art but lo and behold it was just plain old dirt.The sand is all the puny human philosophy that gets carried all over the place. Messy. But underneath … Ahh … There are lines drawn there too, but those are carved in stone … Permanent. Organized. You peer closely and find that not only are they structured but they are meaningful. They are the distinct truths beneath all the indistinct musings of simplistic human minds. They may not all make sense, but instinctively you feel that that is your problem not theirs.

And so you have caught a glimpse of something greater than you … Deeper than you … Graver than any superficial groove you have been able to come up with on your own. You have tapped into a reasoned, purposeful plan … A map written the Creator we have come to call The Bible.

Don’t go back to the sands of time. Keep the timeless truth clean of your own thoughts on the matter. God’s word is truth. The truth. The way. It doesn’t need you. You need Him. Stand firm on what IS firm. And don’t get sidetracked by little Hitlers dancing in the sand with silly mustaches. Just sweep their sand piles away and show them that you stand on something greater than yourself.

That’s the only way to make a difference. Because there’s one more part to this analogy. There’s the magic part. The part where, looking at the glyphs of truth, you are transformed; the things engraved copied onto the flesh of the heart until you are a living, breathing copy of the eternal.


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