Society is careless. Careless with love and sex, careless with the lives of babies, careless with health … Just overall careless.

We don’t want to figure things out. We don’t want to find out what’s true. We just want a narrative to follow and talking points to spout. We want to fit in as well as have something to hashtag against. And what we rail against is anything that keeps us from being careless. Anything with old school conscience. New school conscience is fine. That’s things like buying carbon footprint offsets and free range chickens.

Nothing illustrates this better than the latest Planned Parenthood leaks. First with the fact that they must now be leaked. Because a judge has said they can’t be released. Because, when it comes down to it, people don’t want to have to watch that stuff. It cramps the careless style. It sends pangs into deadened morality and that’s uncomfortable.

But the leak itself is an important announcement to those of us harboring old fashioned beliefs about the sanctity of life. The rest of the world has moved on to a whole other plane of existence. I urge you to watch for yourself.

I used to think the question was when life exists. And I thought that was a pretty easy question to answer. But it turns out we won that argument. They conceded the fact, as evidenced in the video, that abortion is murder. The problem is that doesn’t dampen their bloodlust. I think deep down everyone knows its killing. Time to make that part of the narrative. So the new phase of thinking is …

Yes, its a life, but why is a woman responsible for that life just because it’s inside her? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have had this argument used in personal conversation. A baby is a life, but it is wrong for men to enslave women into giving birth to that life. They, evidently, have no more responsibility for the child inside them than they would for a stranger in need. The thought is …

“You want to have the baby? Fine, that’s your choice to make that life your responsibility. But you can’t make every pregnant woman take that responsibility … Unless you are a man trying to dominate women.”

That is the epitome of depravity. I shouldn’t have to write anything else. That is carelessness at its peak.

This isn’t a parasite. It’s a human. And no matter how it got there, it is now there inside a belly … Alive. There is no one that can save that baby except the mother. That’s life. That’s the basic rule that we thought everyone realized. And they used to … back when they cared.


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