Went to Williamsburg recently and they had a good video depicting the first melting pot in the new world. Africans, American Indians, Europeans.

But how does that fit into current PC culture that depict America as racist pigs hating minorities? Isn’t it the way of white people to destroy, run rough shod, and take advantage of other people groups? Sure it is! But it only seems more pronounced because there are more white people around.

If there are ten people from one group and one of them slaps you, and if there are twenty people in another group and two of them slap you then yeah, the larger group seems more ominous and threatening, but a slap is a slap.

Taking advantage of others is a universal human deficit, believe it or not. Africans wiped out fellow African tribes and sold them into slavery. Native Americans warred with other native American tribes and … gasp … stole their land. Not to mention brutally murdering them.

So in the midst of all this, Europeans come in and some of them start doing the same thing. Surprise, surprise.

Fast forward to present where what you’re supposed to think is that “White” people (no longer considered of European descent) are devils who took over America unjustly, enslaving Africans out of pure meanness and bullying Indians for their land and only giving them a bunch of beads. When in actuality they just joined a party of depravation already in progress. They also happened to be bigger and stronger technologically. Unfair advantage? I don’t think so. Although there are those who propose such things as not reading to your kids because not every kid can be read to. So I suppose the Europeans could have strapped on loin cloths and thrown away their armor and guns.

If you are an evolutionist then you believe in survival of the fittest. End of story. If you are a Christian like me then you understand that the whole world lies in wickedness and instead of scoffing at that through memes, you seek to reach individual lives with the truth, with God’s mercy and moral standards, not judging which group of sinful people is worse than another but seeking out all for Christ.


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