It’s been a few days since the supreme court rulings. I’ve had the opportunity to read the blogs, articles, tweets, memes. And it’s time for me to choose a side.

According to one tweet “love won. Now everybody better listen up and fall in line.” All it was missing was an “or else.” It was the first time I’d seen love and totalitarianism in the same thought.

So while I might not fall in line, I will admit that I fall short where love is concerned. Another blogger wrote that we heterosexuals have already ruined the institution of marriage. So what’s the big deal? Well the big deal is that whatever the state calls marriage and whatever any of us do with marriage, it’s from God and for God and is a symbol of our relationship to God. Nothing has changed that, but lots has been done to muddy it up over the years.

So love won, they say, but there’s still lots of hate out there. “There’s plenty more where that came from,” you might hear the Justice League aka the Supreme Court say as they buckle down and make more stuff up for our own good and for the furtherance of our spiritual loveydoveyness. The constitution? It was okay I guess, but we know what people really mean when they write those laws or even when they don’t write them but definitely think them.

Like needing less flags. Symbols of hate. A big X over red saying no love allowed. Only some people say it doesn’t mean hate to them. They probably just don’t know all the hate that flag has raised up in their hearts every time that thing’s raised up the pole. In actuality, Mike Rowe said it best when he reminded us that getting rid of a symbol, which in this case means good things to some and bad things to others, isn’t going to get rid of the bad things or the good things, its just going to get rid of the symbol. It isn’t going to do anything to get rid of hate or racism, because those things are a matter of a sick, depraved heart. And that’s something we all have to deal with personally no matter what flag is outside our house or truck or on our Dukes of Hazard car. Out of the heart the mouth speaks. Not out of the flag pole. Not out of a rainbow either. It’s the other way round.

But for me personally, I see the rainbow initially as the symbol of a promise of God and I see the Confederate flag as a symbol of state autonomy. Then for some people they both started meaning something else. That doesn’t make me want to ban either one. Because a symbol represents a concept and if you get rid of symbols (aka words like in the novel, 1984) the concepts live on and find another host eventually.

As far as Obamacare (and I remember in an interview Obama saying he didn’t mind people using the term so I will) I think Mark Steyn put it best when he said the Supreme Court effectively changed “established by the states” to mean “established by the states or whatever” (Which, coincidentally is very similar to their interpretation of marriage as being between a man and woman … or whatever) And that scares me a little. Because with that mindset there could be a whole lotta reinterpretations goin on. A whole lot of “whatever” where specific words are supposed to be.

If you get arrested you don’t want the officer saying to you “You have the right to be tried by a court of law … or whatever.”

So okay, symbols are important. They can convey thoughts. That’s powerful. But ultimately it’s the thoughts that will be judged … and I don’t mean by a court of law. I mean by the law of God. And you can either choose to defend yourself or let Jesus the Christ defend you. When the flag of your life is finally lowered, is it going to be burned or folded up and kept safe and secure? Are you going to allow Jesus to graciously and mercifully accept the punishment for what’s in your heart or are you going to go around taking everybody’s flags down and ignore the heart of the problem all-together?

That’s your call. Not the supreme court’s or a flag’s or the media’s.

One more thing. South Carolina. They stepped up. The news and politicians said things were going to get nasty down there. And maybe in some places it did. But I also saw a lot of love expressed, white, black, brown, tan … or whatever … I saw people step up and join hands. I heard that a man who started an organization called “black lives matter” take off that shirt and put on one that said “all lives matter.” People like that make me thank the Lord that He’s still working, in the business of changing people from the inside out, not the other way round.


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