I’m not a very observant person. There are far too many times I haven’t noticed my wife got a haircut. I often miss my turn even with GPS. That being said, I have noticed a few differences between men and women over the years. Physically, of course. But also in those enigmatic ways that caused my guy friends and me, early in our romantic careers, to lament “I will never understand women!” with fists flung to the sky and female-adoring angst in our hearts. It used to be that the concept of men not understanding women and women not understanding men was generally understood and comically celebrated. It was the battle of the sexes! But that was when times were simpler and we only had two sexes to deal with. Maybe it was this combative and yet ultimately fulfilling Yin and Yang of male and female that started making women want to become men, and men, women. Because if you can’t beat em, join em.

We have muddied the waters of gender by trying to righteously proclaim “Equality!” Or more appropriately we have thrown men and women into a potluck stew where all you can see is little lumps of masculinity here and a dash of femininity there in a soup of sloppy obscurity.

Think about if blue eyed people, tired of their so-called “recessive” trait, decided that they were and always had deep down been brown eyed people. “Our genes can be dominant too!” and “Down with Brown Dominance” and “Blue is the new Brown” their billboards state while at the same time they wear brown contacts. Instead, shouldn’t they celebrate the rarity and beauty of blue eyes? That’s what i wish feminism was; celebrating womanhood in all its raw rare qualities. But all I see feminism doing is getting angry for pointing out those qualities. They want to go topless but we better not notice they are topless. They want a baby to be a choice instead of a part of biological womanhood.

What we should be touting is “Dignity!” instead of equality, because while everyone is different and no one is completely equal in all ways even if you’re identical twins, everyone should be afforded the respect due all human beings. Specifically, every human being should be afforded the dignity of being allowed to be who they were born to be without having to be “fixed” by political correctness, aka, conformed into androgyny.

The Great Equality Wars of the past few decades have incited us to rise in indignation every time a door is opened for a woman because “she can do it just as well as any man” when any fool should know that such door opening is performed out of respect to the awe of womanhood not the inability of her to perform simple tasks. This ludicrous protesting is an indication of gender war PTSD and should, in my opinion, have its place in the ICD10 mental health codes.

So where has this gotten us as a society? Let me give a few examples.

1. The boy scouts have outlawed the use of water guns or water balloons over a certain size because “how is pointing a water gun at another person showing kindness?” (It should be a basic law of masculinity that when you take away a boy’s toy gun or sword you successfully emasculate him.)

2. The girl scouts must now allow boys into their organization. (I can’t even begin to think about this one without it blowing my mind.)

3. A transgender boy sues his school for not letting him use the public restroom.

4. We have a whole TV series called The Slap about a man slapping a boy and the ramifications of said slap. (and its not a comedy) (I’m not saying slapping your kids is good, I’m just saying “a whole series about it?” Next will we have a whole series about a boyscout shooting his squirt gun at another boy?)

5. We have famous comedians such as Seinfeld and Rock who won’t play on college campuses because the students are offended by every joke. (Because, I think, most jokes make light of some type of inequality.)

6. A sports star changes his body to resemble a woman and receives a reward for bravery. (Because breast implant surgery is the new saving a baby from a burning building.)

7. Skinny jeans and Justin Beiber. (They are popular. Enough said.)

8. 58 gender options on Facebook. (And counting.)

9. Feminist leader angered that Elton John’s partner listed as “wife” on marriage certificate. (Because apparently gay rights and woman rights sometimes clash bitterly in serious turf wars.)

To me these all have something in common. They tell me that sexuality is confused. They tell me that it’s more acceptable for a man to become a woman either in word, deed, or genitals than for a man to become a man. I remember when it got a woman hot and bothered for a man to show sensitivity and express his feelings. Now it has backfired and women are longing for the men of the Mad Men era who knew what they wanted and took it. They say they can’t find men who take charge … after we have virtually assassinated any man who tried for three decades.

Is there any wonder that men and women are confused? We’re a society of the undecided. Male? Female? If you’re not really sure what you want to be its because you’re not really sure what those two words mean anymore.

But there is hope. There can be unification. There can be a blurring of all human distinctions. In fact there already is for those who have found the Christ.

Galatians 3
26 So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith,

27 for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.

28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

29 If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

That is where you will find the equality you are looking for, as children of God.


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