In my line of work as a health professional I often must confront patients due to lack of adherence to guidelines I have set forth for them. Some of these guidelines might mean the difference between life and death, and yet I find it very difficult for many of them to follow the guidelines. Usually this is because what I am teaching them to do is totally different from their usual habits. So I tell them over and over, every time I see them. I demonstrate the way I want things to be done. I write down lists to remind them and post those lists around the house. And yet still I find those who cannot remember or simply refuse to make the necessary changes to their life in order to stay healthy and out of the emergenci room. Sometimes I wish I could tattoo the information onto their bodies.

But what I really need is to figure out a way to ingrain these rules onto their hearts and minds. Not onto their blood pumping organ and between the creases of their brain wrinkles. What I mean is, into their very being mentally and emotionally. If I could only make them understand … Oh, I can get them to do it all while I’m there with them. I can get them to complete it all perfectly for a while, maybe even for a few days. But still they eventually forget. It’s the same with me and flossing. I’ve tried . O how I’ve tried over and over and over. And yet today was the first day I’ve flossed in a month. Couldn’t we create some way to ingrain that behavior into my very core? And I don’t mean brainwashing. I mean helping me truly identify and understand that I NEED this.

Well I’d like you to know it’s already been done. This magnificent feat of scientific know-how was in the works since the beginning of time. Our Creator-God knew that writing the law on tablets of stone wasn’t going to cut it. In fact, that’s one reason He put in on stone first, to show us just how puny we are at following commands that we need to survive. So when I talk about the “law” I am speaking generally concerning the “purpose of humanity on Earth and off of it.” I am speaking of the human handbook of handy helps that every sentient being should know before stepping off into each and every day.

God says that for those who recognize the danger and consequences of living life without the instruction manual, and who have accepted the way of escaping that danger through the manual’s Author, there is a new ingenious way that that manual is printed. We do not have to wait in line for our copy of the stone tablets which must then be lugged around, pointing out our wickedness every live long day as we TRY to do what’s right and fail miserably. No, His “law” is tattooed on our hearts and minds. Just like a blank sheet of paper that has just been written on, our very soul is altered forever. We are transformed from the inside out so that we no longer trudge about with hard rules beaten over our heads, but instead walk forward with supernatural understanding of what in the world we are here for.

God is light, and when we are His, we walk in the light. But not only can we now see the proper way to go, we also have a new internal sense of direction to motivate and propel us onward.

See John 15, Hebrews 10, and II Corinthians 3.


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