Also known as “the subtle suppression of sarcasm”

I recently wrote a tweet which stated that the pro-choice view concerning when life begins boils down to “life begins whenever the woman decides it does.” I used #prochoice as a tag because i rather arogantly sought to teach those pro choicers how rediculous thier veiw is. When I ended up with a “favorite” from a flaming liberal who thought I was seriously touting that belief I was immediately unnerved. My knee jerk reaction being to want to immediately set the record straight as well explain to this self proclaimed vegan, animal rights, nature rights, woman rights activist that she is obtuse for not picking up on my sarcastic tone when she considers herself so sensitive to others. All I ended up saying to her was “no fetus rights?” To which her only reply was “?” Obviously she was as perplexed as I was over the initial misunderstanding and now thoroughly confused that I would suggest a fetus has rights after stating that a baby isn’t a baby until a woman bestows life upon it with her magic fallopian tube. To people like her “fetus rights” is as rediculous as saying “uterus rights.” To them, a fetus is simply an extension of the woman’s body; an organ that happens to make a woman’s stomach enlarge, makes her have to pee more, and sometimes causes her to puke in the mornings.

So this is the disconnect in society: that scornful sarcasm to one is unadulterated truth to another. This is the polarization that we face. Like the north and south pole, we come from the same type of place and yet are as removed from each other as possible while still being on the same planet. Is there no common ground? I would suggest that no, there is not. We could meet at the equator, but then we would both be in a place far from our beliefs. I could travel to the other pole to stand on their set of presuppositions, but that would mean giving up my own.

Have our foundational viewpoints always been so far apart? I would suggest that when this country was founded, it was founded on basic tenants that most everyone agreed with. I would hazard a guess that, like the second law of thermodynamics, society tends toward gradual extremism. I can’t imagine an early president siding with and being friendly with countries which openly seek to destroy us. Yet now we have a president who cannot fathom international dealings in which America stands up for itself.

The disconnect is obvious. The solution is not. We cannot simply compromise for the sake of agreeing, but make determined trek toward truth. That sounds too idealistic to be attained doesn’t it? What I mean is that the solution, radical as it seems to many in this age of humanist ideals, is to strive to align ourselves with the principles of the universe as set forth by the creator of that universe. The solution is to return not to the principles of the founding fathers but the the principles of the actual foundation of all life. In doing so we will be able to re tune ourselves to the Symphony of Creation. We will be able to feel the pulse of goodness and distinguish it from the pulseless necromancy of rotted flesh. We do not have to consider wandering zombies of fantastical beliefs to be the new norm; not even if we call it science and say all the cool kids are doing it.

Watch out, I’m revving up into over the top eloquence now …

As it is, we have set up trailer park foundations in further and further concentric rings around the truth, forgetting altogether what it was like living in moral mansions. Then, like John Wayne, we draw our wagons in a circle and defend to the death the skanky views of the Millennial mindset. We are so much trailor trash getting our cheap Walmart ideas at discount prices while the good stuff now called garbage gathers dust on piles marked “antiquated.”


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