The Earth has a fever …

and it’s more climate change alarm bells.

I read an article recently from the Washington Post with the bold title something like “2014 Found to be Hottest Year Ever.” It did the trick. It caught my attention. It even worried me a bit. I had just been reveling in the fact that there had been a “pause” to warming for about ten or fifteen years when a headline like this threatened to bring my worldview of climate change denialhood to its knees. 

I forced myself to read on, resisting the urge to just be happy in my bubble. I’m not going to lie. My resistance to so-called “consensus science” (though I fail to remember any college science course urging us to accept scientific fact from a vote) was being shaken by the first to paragraphs. It wasn’t until the third or fourth that I breathed a sigh of relief. It’s true, the author admits, though I am mostly paraphrasing, that the increase in temp is only by a “few hundredths of a degree” … Wait, what?  And the author appears to be embarrassed to give the actual number, for an actual numerical quantity is never given. In fact, it goes on to say that the number is virtually the same as that of 2005 and 2010 (and this only includes years since we’ve been measuring global temps). Beyond that, also admitting that the computer predictions based on our selfish, human caused desecrating footprints portray a 2014 far hotter than it is. Wasn’t it Al Gore’s doomsday clock that pointed to the destruction of the world, like, next year?

I was fully satisfied by this point, only breezing through the conclusion that scientists and politicians (what’s the difference these days?) pronounce that these “few hundredths of a degree” are overwhelming support for and indeed leave no room for anything but a devastating, man made global warming apocalypse!!!! (Exclamatory emphasis added by John Kerry.)

Now I don’t know if I even need to explain the idiocy here, but I will anyway. In my job I take temperatures multiple times a day. Would it surprise you to learn that from day to day or hour to hour the same patient might have a variable temp by even (gasp) ONE DEGREE!? But surprisingly this doesn’t alarm me. Because there is a range of normal. Could it be that the earth temp has a similar variability? At the very least should we not allow for a small margin of error? Say … of a few thousandths of a degree at least?