I decided I need an outlet to collect and respond to idiotic memes. Here goes.


It’s not a health choice, it’s a baby. How can so many people be so anatomically ignorant? It’s not your uterus. It’s not some phantom organ that appears just before a baby is born. That crying baby that comes out was inside. Inside, then outside, same baby.



I put these two together because I think the problem isn’t really extremism but an extreme desire to kill nonmuslims. Going to extremes can be important. Some might call me an extreme christian because I seek to live my life in obedience to God.



So I listen to a lot of these people. They don’t hate. Not at all. They are genuinely passionate about what they believe. They also want to make money. I do too. I won’t fault them for that. These days it’s popular to disdain running a business. It shouldn’t be. It creates jobs. These people, however, are commentators. That’s it. Rush isn’t the voice of Christian values nor would he seek to proclaim himself to be.

And some fun ones.




Treason is a president making friends with Iran and Cuba.


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