So that job of yours? Not good. Know why? Big business. Big business is bad. It’s easy to remember because they all start with B. So does my name, but that’s not important right now. Focus on money. Money is bad because all the big businesses have it. If they didn’t have it, it might be good. But I doubt it. What about the poor little businesses? Nope, they don’t have it. Government taxes away all of theirs but let’s big bad businesses have money because government is in bed with big business. It’s a big bad money bed and it’s downright selfish … and lumpy.

So now that we have that understood lets talk about the poor. The poor are getting poorer. They’re getting so poor because big business goes into their houses and literally snatches away money from their billfolds and kicks their dogs in the behonkous for good measure. Literally. It’s happening like reverse Santa Clause. Soon they will have to give their houses to bratty little big business babies and live in boxes. We can’t have this.

So what are we going to do about it? We are going to take away money from big business. All of it. We are going to make them live in boxes because they deserve it and are evil. Then we are going to give their money to … the government. But the good government. Not the bad government sleeping around with big business. The good to go government that doesn’t want you to live in a box. So the good government is going to create offices that will give amazing things to poor people without jobs. They won’t have job jobs or be able to get them because the good government is taking away money from the bad businesses and creating all those offices to take care the poor people.

Actually, let’s just get rid of businesses all together. Yeah. Once they don’t have any money they will have to close anyway. The. Good government can just keep all the money and give all the people everything they need. Work? Nah. Not really. I mean good government might give you stuff to do for all the free stuff they are giving you, but that’s only fair and you don’t mind because you’re good people.

So go ahead and quit your job now. It will feel good. Just do it, then just wait. Those bad businesses will be a thing of the past in no time and you’ll be well on your way to just sitting around getting free stuff while we laugh at big business living in boxes. Now that’s funny!


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