It might not be a good one in your estimation, but have you noticed there’s an answer to every single argument known to mankind? It’s true that most of them come from people who just like to argue, but the bottom line is, if you really want to counter an argument, you’re probably going to be able to come up with something substantive enough to create doubt. If not, there’s always character assassination.

So why try to argue? I’m sure I could come up with a few good arguments for and against arguing, but for now I just want to explain my reasons for the defense of my Faith. Faith does need a defense, contrary to the popular belief that faith is some ethereal vague hope that all will turn out right. No, I refuse to put my faith in vague insubstantial notions of human goodness or supernatural care taking. I have put my faith in a substance, because faith is the substance of things I know will come to pass or know to be true.

The most important of these things is my faith in the Creator of the universe. As a man of this earth, I seek answers. I assume we all do. I assume it is part of being human. I have sought answers in my adult life, and I have found that all the answers point me to the Creator who I came to know when I was only five years old. The child-like understanding, in this case, did not lead me astray, because it was cultivated by a brilliant and attentive God. What I sensed early on was a then undeniable understanding that there was a Creator to this world and that He loved me. Since that time I have come to know him much like I have come to know others in my life. Experiences through talking to Him and reading His words. I’ve also experienced His obvious imprint in creation.

That being said, I am not so much a fool to think that will not sound foolish to most. The fact is, there are countless arguments of dismissal toward my Faith. Those come from those who have not found or refuse to find or are blinded to the substance of my Faith. Let’s consider the popular story of Sir Isaac Newton being hit on the head with an apple and discovering the law of gravity. Supposing this were true, we might expect that Newton shared this insight with others. Some might argue “Well, that was your experience, not mine. I’ve never had an apple hit me on the head so I don’t believe in Gravity.” There are two points here. 1. A personal powerful experience with gravity lends it greater relevance and awareness. 2. The gravity exists whether there is a greater or lesser awareness of it.

I will not pretend my experience with God didn’t happen so I can fit in with the cool kids any less than we would expect Newton to shut up about gravity if he had been ridiculed. On the contrary, my experience encourages me to share excitedly the work the God of Creation has accomplished in my life and how that has spurred my understanding beyond myself to a bigger, fuller, organized picture of all of life. This does not bring about pride or conceit for me any more than Newton could be prideful that gravity exists. It exists for everyone the same. Knowing God doesn’t make me better, it simply opens my eyes to the world around me in significant ways.

That’s why I share what I know. Because what He has opened my eyes to is significant. It is the most significant thing you can know and it determines everything. So argue your points. Pick out my flaws. I’m sure there are many. But know that I am going to speak and defend and share concerning the insurmountable greatness of my God and what He has shown me.


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