At times Facebook becomes my muse. Especially overly simplified memes and quotes used to prove to the Facebook community that all could be perfectly beautiful in the world if we really wanted it to. One such quote envisioned a world where the global standard of living could be significantly improved if we simply used our money for good instead of war. “It is highly feasible” the quote stated. The post, of course, received the obligatory likes from well meaning Facebookians and I am sure included the usual “I’m fed up with selfish evil people, I wish they would all die!” type non sequitur comments. And that’s where it ends. Changing the world one “like” and one hashtag at a time.

I think deep down we all know this stuff is crap, but we can’t come across as uncaring, right? We have to maintain our indignant stance of incorruptible albeit baseless ideology. The fact is that highly feasible is a lot different than doable. I’m reminded of the commercial song “I’d like to give the world a coke.” Coca-cola actually has gone to great lengths to put coke machines in lots of places around the world (I’ve even seen one on top of an obscure mountain in Papua New Guinea) and yet millions are tragically without experiencing the classic taste of Coke classic.

I’ve been to places that can’t be reached except by a very small plane or a helicopter, and only under the best weather conditions. There are people groups separated by vast deserts and jungles. So if the affluent Coca-cola can’t even give the world a coke due to extremely complex logistical conditions … and if Amazon can’t get everybody their Christmas presents in time … and if the United Nations since its origin never accomplished ANYthing, how nightmarishly complex would it be to bring about global economic equality?

But maybe that’s not the point. Maybe the point is “now that I’ve set a utopian standard of unachievable glory, now I can target others as the reason the world isn’t as it should be. You know, those friends who didn’t click “like.” The warmongers. The nazis. The republicans. If I can just hate and guilt those people into oblivion then maybe just MAYBE all logic and reason can finally be set aside forever.


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